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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Help Your Students Nail their Interview!

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I found a game online called Nail the Interview on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website. I thought this was a neat interactive game for your students to play to prepare for the interview process. You begin by selecting a character. You are then given three resumes to choose from. Depending on your choice, you will either get a rejection letter in the mail or a call from the interviewer. You also have the option to look at some resume tips. As you proceed, you go through the different steps in the interview process.

If you make it to an interview, you are asked a series of interview questions. Even though several of the answers to the questions (you are given multiple answers) seem to be common sense, they provide framework answers for the student to prepare for. Basically, for most of them, the correct answer can be fairly obvious, but the way the answer is written is a great way to get your students to think about their own answers to those similar questions during an interview. The students will also receive several tips along the way. Try it out for yourself to see what it is all about and share it with your students. Click here to access the site. This site is also linked to Yahoo!® Hot Jobs®.

If you know of any other fun and free games to help students prepare, such as this one, please share with us!

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