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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Misperception #2 about unclear type: “I can’t be a true Extravert with a score less than 6”

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Written by Catherine Rains

A score of less than 6 tells you that a student split their “vote”, or chose items on the assessment an almost equal amount of times on both sides of the preference pair. This would result in a slight score, and could leave the student not being sure about whether they are really an E or an I (or an S or N, etc.).

I’m a good example of this. I have scored 2 on the Extraversion scale for about a decade, and as a result, spent years pondering whether I was really an E or an I. About six years ago it finally came to me (after exhaustive introspection!) that I really was an Extrovert that did Extraversion in a very unique way, with some characteristics of Introversion. After all, no one does any of the preferences exactly the same as anyone else. When I finally realized that I really was an Extrovert, this didn’t change my score for Extraversion – I still score under 5 even though I am crystal clear that I an Extrovert. My original score of 2 simply started an exploration process to discover my true type.

For some, true type can be discovered during the first interpretation session with a counselor, and for others (like me!), it takes a decade or longer. But no matter the time it takes to clarify type, once someone claims the preference for themselves, that is their type, no matter the score. So now I’m an Extrovert, period. Not a slight Extrovert, just an Extrovert who does Extraversion in a very unique way!

Next week we’ll look at who is MORE Extraverted - someone with a score of 30 or 2. Stay tuned…

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