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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Misperception #4 about unclear type: “My mid-range score of 2 for Extraversion means I’m balanced and/or very healthy”

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Written by Catherine Rains 

A very common misinterpretation (and closely related to misperception #1) of a slight score is that someone is balanced, and/or that this type of score indicates positive mental health. Your student certainly could be very healthy, but a mid-range score is not what would indicate mental balance and health.  It simply means that they split their “vote”, or chose items on the assessment an almost equal amount of times on both sides of the preference pair.  This would also be called unclear type, and this is a type in and of itself.  In other words, at this moment, your student is not clear about their type, and that IS a type – unclear.  But type theory says that at some point in a student’s life, they will become clear about all 4 preferences, and claim one side of each preference pair as their own.  Until then, their type is unclear.

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