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Friday, August 26, 2011

My Quick Review of Introduction to Type and Learning

Written by Jim Larkin

Have you been introduced to the booklet Introduction to Type® and Learning? This little gem was written by Donna Dunning, a learning, career development and work performance consultant. Donna has been around Type for over 20 years and has contributed to or personally authored several Introduction to Type® booklets. Introduction to Type® and Learning offers many insights into how type impacts how we learn, not just in the classroom setting, but by what life brings our way. The Introduction begins with:

Learning is a lifelong process. We learn at school, at work, at home, in our community and in our recreational pursuits.  Everyone has learning preferences that affect how and what he or she prefers to learn. As well, everyone can develop certain skills and strategies to make learning more effective.

One of the best things about this booklet is that in every section where insights are shared about the learning style of a particular type there is also a paragraph devoted to “Thoughts for Instructors”. These short paragraphs give insights to those who are teaching or working with an individual of a particular type to insure enhancements to the learning (teaching) process.  As counselors, I know you are always looking for ways to best help a particular student to find their career and educational path. Having a new insight into how best to present information to that individual will make your life easier and even more rewarding! Imagine hearing from a student, “Thanks for the information. I’ve never heard it put that way!” What they’re really saying is, “Thanks for figuring me out and giving me the information in a way that I can most easily take it in.”
You can find out more about the Introduction to Type and Learning booklet on our website. Be sure to use the “Look Inside” option to view the Contents, Introduction and a couple of pages relating to “Explorers ENTP and ENFP – Innovate and Initiate”.

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