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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Finding That Perfect Gift

Written by Patrick Kerwin
MBTI® Master Practitioner

So it’s that wonderful, magical time of year, when your thoughts turn to…finding that “perfect gift” for all the special people in your life! If you prefer “J,” you probably started thinking about this back in September, wanting to put your gift-purchasing plan in place. And if you prefer “P,” you probably have been playing around with some ideas, but will really start kicking your gift-buying into gear right before you give it! Both styles work – and whatever your preference, you can use type to find that truly perfect gift. Here’s how…

First, think about the “type” of person you’re buying for. And when I say “type,” I mean their “MBTI® type” (of course!). In particular, it’s helpful if you can figure out their two middle letters, as those letters influence what a person likes. If they’ve taken the MBTI instrument, then that’s a slam dunk: just ask them what their 4-letter type is. If they haven’t, here are some clues to what their two middle letters might be:

STs tend to be practical and logical.

SFs tend to be practical and sympathetic.

NFs tend to be innovative and empathetic.

NTs tend to be innovative and logical.

Second, think about the “type” of gift you buy: 

When you’re buying for STs, look for gifts that they would find practical and useful.  Often STs like gadgets – but useful ones.  For STs, that grill fork with a built-in digital thermometer might just be the perfect gift!

When you’re buying for SFs, look for gifts that are practical and personal.  Often SFs appreciate knowing that you remembered a special interest of theirs.  For SFs, it truly is the thought that counts! 

When you’re buying for NFs, look for gifts that are unique and personal.  Often NFs appreciate gifts that reflect who they are and what they value.  For NFs, it doesn’t have to be practical to be valued!  

When you’re buying for NTs, look for gifts that are unique and thought-provoking.  Often NTs appreciate gifts that are innovative in design or creation.  For NTs, whether it’s a book or a coffee mug, it needs to stimulate their intellect!

Hopefully these tips will make your gift-buying easier this season.  Happy shopping! 

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