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Friday, April 6, 2012

Accurately Guessing Type

Written by Catherine Rains

For the next 8 weeks, we are going to explore some of the behavioral cues that could indicate someone’s preferences, and that could help us be more effective with all types of people, especially with those who have opposite preferences than our own.

Let’s start at the top. What are the behavioral cues that would indicate the person in front of you has a preference for Extraversion? They…..

• Might start talking right away when you meet them.
• Could be uncomfortable with pauses in the conversation and will work to fill in any silence.
• Might talk over you, interrupt you, and finish your sentences.
• Sometimes are energized from rapid back and forth conversation.
• Might lean forward, into the conversation.
• Could talk with their hands, in addition to their voices.
• Might ask “why are you so quiet” if you aren’t talking as much as them.
• Often maintain eye contact.
• Sometimes speak rapidly and louder than their opposite preference.
• Often appear enthusiastic and animated when they speak.
• Could describe themselves as a “people person”.

What are some other behavioral cues that could indicate someone has a preference for Extraversion? Let expand this list for the benefit of us all!

*It is important to understand that you cannot assess a person's type based merely on type cues; having the person take an assessment and giving them a proper interpretation is always recommended. The point of the blog is to try to understand how to pick up on certain type cues when in the absence of giving someone an assessment and self-verification, such as in a job interview.


  1. Most of those are obvious behavioral cues. I think it'd be more helpful to list cues to determine the I/E of people who are maybe only at 60%.

  2. That is great feedback Josiah! We will share it with our team of bloggers to see what they come up with. And please, share any cues you may have as well! Have a great weekend :)