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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Counseling to Type Strategies - Extroversion (Part 2)

Written by Catherine Rains

In continuation of our last blog, Counseling to Type Strategies - Extroversion (Part 1), here are some suggestions on what you can do to work most effectively with this preference:

Provide opportunity to talk about and experience the options they are considering. Co-op/internships and informational interviewing are a natural choice for career exploration for this preference.  Remember they are not only energized by interaction with people, but also with activity outside of themselves.

Ask lots of open ended questions to encourage them to talk even more. They usually enjoy question and answer techniques as a way to process the information coming out during the session.

Continue the discussion where you left off last time.  If your student comes back for a second appointment, there is an expectation that you will know what was discussed last time.  With my poor memory, this meant I kept a file for student appointments, which noted highlights of each discussion.

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