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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Warning to Share with Your Students

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It goes without saying nowadays that our personal lives can be easily displayed to the world thanks to the Internet. It’s all about being somewhat Internet savvy and using some common sense when posting anything about our lives. Yet I’m sure you know many students who post every detail of their lives on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Tagged, or any of the popular social networking sites. Everything from what they ate for breakfast, to how they can’t stand a certain class to even an exact time and location of where they will be hanging out in the afternoon! Unfortunately, many do not think about or even know of the consequences to pouring such intimate details out to the world. Using social networking sites is quickly becoming the way for companies to be in touch with their customers – and their employees as well. It is essential for students who are preparing for their futures as professionals to be aware of this. Unfortunately, something negative that they post today, may come back to haunt them a few years down the road when a potential employer is conducting a background check.

I wanted to share the following slideshow I found through Marketing Profs: Five Ways Facebook Can Get You Fired. Paul Dunay, Global Managing Director of Services & Social Media at Avaya, put these five stories together to show how seemingly innocent comments can cost one their job. A couple of these made me laugh as they were just outright ridiculous (actually they were all silly), but the unfortunate thing is that they are true. I encourage you to share this with your students!

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