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Friday, October 16, 2009

Teach Yourself and Your Students to Brand Themselves on LinkedIn

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Have you joined our LinkedIn group yet?

During these times of uncertainty in the workplace, this is the perfect time to resource with others in your field of work. Our CPP Education Team group is dedicated to career counselors, academic advisors and educational coaches as a place for them to share their thoughts and advice with one another. If you don't have an account yet, I highly recommend registering for one. It's free and there are hundreds of groups that you can join to begin networking. Of course, this is a great resource to share with your students to help them get started on learning how to not only network to find suitable jobs, but to learn how to present themselves to valuable companies. I found a slideshow with some great tips to share with your students to convince them why having a LinkedIn account is valuable. LinkedIn is not as exciting as Facebook, which is understandable, but your students might change their mind when they realize how it will help them in the future. They may also appreciate the fact that there are different ways for them to showcase their school work to help them advertise themselves to potential job recruiters. This might even be a way to get them more excited about doing their homework! Well, that might be wishful thinking. View the "LinkedIn for College Students - 10 Things You Can Do to Brand Yourself as an Expert" slideshow below. Learning these tips does not only apply to your students - these can be helpful to you as well!

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