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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dealing with Stress in College Using MBTI® Type

So what does stress have to do with MBTI® type? Plenty. Learning about your MBTI type and how you can leverage your personality traits into different aspects of your life can be very useful. For example, my ENFJ tendency is that I try to take care of others more than myself. In college, when I needed to study for an exam and had limited time to do it, that in itself was cause for stress. Yet if I had a friend who was struggling with something, I always felt the need to help them first, thus reducing the time I had to work on my own studying. This would cause me much more stress.

College is a stressful time and students aren’t yet equipped with knowing how to handle stress. Here I list some possible causes of stress as well as some tips for dealing with it which I pulled up from our Introduction to Type® In College booklet. These are specifically for ENFJ’s, but the booklet references all MBTI types:

Possible Causes of Stress:

-May try to take care of others more than themselves
-May overidealize others
-May be oversensitive to indifference and personalize it
-Their need to socialize may interfere with work
-May try to live by others’ “shoulds”

Some Ways for ENFJs to Alleviate Stress:

-Like going to movies with friends to relieve tension
-Naturally rely on friends for support
-Naturally give their personal best to any task
-Learn to identify and take care of own needs
-Must make time for studies in busy social schedule

Teaching your students how to deal with stress while in college, will help them develop these skills for when they graduate. They can learn to apply these in the workplace and in their personal lives.

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