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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Using #MBTI Type to Improve the Innovation Process

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We all have creative and unique ideas. But how can you implement these ideas to be successful? This is where the process of innovation comes into play.

According to Talent Management magazine, the greatest obstacle many leaders face is creating an innovative organization where good ideas convert into profitable products and services.

In order to harvest innovation within a team or organization, you first must understand that innovation is a process and requires different strengths during different phases. Second, you should know how personality type is connected to innovation and learn how each type adds value to the overall process. This may sound overwhelming, but the booklet,
Introduction to Type® and Innovation can serve as a helpful guide and starting point.

If you are working with a colleague or student on this particular topic, here are some coaching tips for how to increase a type’s effectiveness when involved in the innovation process:

ISTJ: Brainstorm ideas (on your own or with others), not solutions.

ISFJ: Use past experiences to spur rather than stifle innovation.

INFJ: Engage sooner with others to allow them time to understand your internalized idea generation process.

INTJ: Consider that simple, observable facts or common sense can contribute significantly to the innovation process.

ISTP: Make decisions promptly when possible, as this can also be an efficient use of time.

ISFP: Take a leap of faith sometimes and believe that your decision will be the right one.

INFP: Check in with others continuously throughout the innovation process.

INTP: Learn how to simplify your language so that others can understand your thoughts, which tend to be complex.

ESTP: Slow down to ensure that key insights or pieces of information are not overlooked.

ESFP: Increase your creativity by looking for what is missing; asking what it is you can’t see, hear, and so on.

ENFP: Show others the building blocks of your novel ideas to gain buy-in.

ENTP: Thank others for contributing to your innovative ideas to ensure ongoing buy-in to the process.

ESTJ: Remember that loose ends are an inevitable part of innovation.

ESFJ: Brainstorm with others to understand the problem better and remember that the first idea is rarely the best idea.

ENFJ: Be sure to have time alone to tap into your talent for idea generation.

ENTJ: Spend time trying out new ways before deciding.

To learn more about the booklet Introduction to Type® and Innovation, click here.