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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Never Ending Topic - Does Type Change?

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Does type change? This is a question that always seems to come up – whether it’s during certification trainings, workshops, counseling sessions, or anytime someone is introduced to MBTI® type. I was one of those who wondered about this. How can you go through life with the same personality type even as you go through life-changing events?

The first time I took the MBTI® assessment (as I shared in my first blog entry) was in college. When I took it again a few years later, I had just begun working at CPP. I was so sure that my type had changed. I searched through my “college stack of papers” and lo and behold, I was still an ENFJ. I know I changed quite a bit from college to the person I am now, so I was surprised to say the least. After I became certified, I learned that type doesn’t actually change. Circumstances can change, and you learn to better flex your type in situations where you need to. This is actually a challenging topic to handle, and CPP author, Donna Dunning, does a fantastic job with sharing insights as to why type doesn’t change in her blog.

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