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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Announcing two new College Editions for the MBTI product suite!

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At CPP, we’re constantly looking for ways to expand our MBTI® product suite and want to make you aware of two of our most recent efforts—the college editions of the MBTI® Form M Self-Scorable and the MBTI® Form M Profile! We've updated these tools in order to provide you with an easier way to interpret and help your students to understand their results.

The MBTI® Profile, College Edition furnishes a summary of your student's MBTI results, allowing you the ability to tailor interpretation and feedback sessions to your student's needs. It provides reported type, explanations of the preferences, characteristics frequently associated with the type, and an easy-to-read graph displaying the preference clarity index. Click here to learn more.

The MBTI® Self-Scorable, College Edition is a compact, all-inclusive booklet which makes administration of the MBTI instrument easy in a classroom, group or teambuilding setting. It contains 93 items, an answer sheet, and basic interpretive information. Easy-to-understand instructions and a simple three-step process make scoring quick and easy. Click here to learn more.

We're very excited to have these college editions especially for our educators! We are currently working to expand on these and will keep you updated!