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Monday, September 13, 2010

How the MBTI® assessment helped one undecided student - her story

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I understand that I’m a little biased saying this, but I love hearing success stories from students who have used our products. I was one of them, but many feel it’s much more credible to hear from others who have no ties with CPP (i.e. aren’t employed there, as I am). I came across a blog site called “Beyond the Elms: Exploring Careers with Scripps Students and Alumnae” where several students from Scripps College track their career search journey by blogging. One blog in particular is from a student, Emily Chesbrough, who was having a hard time deciding on what major to choose. She felt she loved each equally but needed to pick one. After meeting with a career counselor at her college, she was advised to take the Myers-Briggs® assessment. Click here to read more about her experience and how the MBTI® helped her make a decision.