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Friday, February 25, 2011

From CPP to to back at CPP - by Jim Larkin

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Written by Jim Larkin (JL), Education Inside Sales Representative for CPP

Hi, I am Jim Larkin. I am an Education Inside Sales Rep (EISR) for CPP. I’ve been in this position since March 2003. I started with CPP as a temp in the mail room! Eventually moved up to the Customer Relations team and left for a “.com” startup. That was in 1998 – 99. When the .com company was bought out and I lost my job, I wrote to my previous manager at CPP for a reference for another job that I was applying for. She suggested I look into this position if my interview didn’t go as planned. And here I am!

I was introduced to the MBTI® assessment during grad school when my wife was going through her own graduate program; MFCC (MFT). She fell in love with the instrument and of course I had to take it! She was shocked at my result when I came out as an ISTJ. As I reflect on how I took it and my mind-set at the time, I was either not clearly instructed in how to take it or I didn’t know myself well enough to identify my own preferences. In defense of my wife, I believe it was the latter. I was answering in ways that I thought I should. Today I am definitely sure that I am an INFP.

I went through the certification programs for both the MBTI® and the Strong Interest Inventory® assessments shortly after being re-hired. I have used both assessments myself in working with high school students preparing for college and have had wonderful experiences with students who have had some real eye-opening experiences through both assessments.

I look forward to interacting with you all through this blog and our other social media sites.

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