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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some useful tips from our “Using MBTI® Type to Develop Interviewing and Job Search Skills” webinar

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Last week, Judith Grutter delivered a fantastic webinar for CPP titled “Using MBTI® Type to Develop Interviewing and Job Search Skills” (part of our Ask an Expert webinar series). I love everything she shares with us, but this one has to be one of my favorites – especially since job search and preparing for interviews are such hot topics right now. Here are just a few of the many things I picked up:
  • There are six job search basics and type plays a valuable role in each one: 1- know yourself, 2- target, 3- research, 4- resume, 5- interview, and 6- negotiate. 
  • There are never right or wrong MBTI® results – each preference and type identifies normal and valuable human behaviors. They are just a way to describe both differences (as well as similarities) with one another and learn to work through those.
  • The heart of type defines WHO we are and WHAT our natural interests are. These 4 hearts are ST, SF, NF and NT. 
  • Judi presented a list of college majors each of the four hearts of type are attracted to and their preferred interview and resume style. 
  • Learn some cues on recognizing the four heart of type interviewers and how to respond to them the moment you walk in for the interview. 
  • Judi stressed that a key thing to learn is to teach your students to communicate TO type and not FROM type.
Now go ahead and view the webinar to pick up your own useful tips! Go to our webinars page at to view this webinar under “archived webinars” and check out some other ones from the series as well!

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