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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MBTI® Practitioner’s Field Guide Introduction - Mini Blog Series

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Your goal as an MBTI® Certified Practitioner is to help your students understand type to help them in all areas of their development—both while in school as well as beyond graduation. While understanding type can be easier for some more so than others, we know that those who have a harder time grasping it may need more resources from you. For that reason, CPP created the MBTI® Practitioner’s Field Guide. We will start this short three-blog series with an introduction to the guide and we will then provide you with an activity and instructions, pulled directly from it so you can see the value of it yourself.

Now, whether you are a seasoned user of the Myers-Briggs® assessment, or are just starting to use it with your students, you are more than likely to encounter unexpected situations such as:

- Your students are confused or uncomfortable with the thought of being “boxed” in to one of 16 types
- You are struggling with new and different ways to illustrate type
- You have delivered an introductory type workshop in a classroom (or outside) setting where the activities didn’t seem to work or resonate
- Your students use type to limit themselves and/or others or to stereotype

While the activities in this guide may seem to be geared for a corporate or organizational setting, they are just as applicable to students. Here are a few things that you will find within this guide:

- Ways to present and apply type for better understanding
- Tips for successfully negotiating some of the common stumbling blocks in type training
- Strategies for developing presentations and activities

In our next blog, we will share an activity from the MBTI® Practitioner’s Field Guide that you can use to help your students understand type.