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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ever tried using Step II with students reporting slight results?

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Written by Catherine Rains
So you’ve established mindset using the suggestion from my last blog entry on taking the MBTI® assessment from a “perfect world” perspective. Yet your student still gets a slight result.  Now what?
I have a couple suggestions.  First, my favorite strategy:  Instead of having them take Form M, have them take Form Q in the first place, which allows you to get both Form M and Form Q reports. When you see one or more slight results on a student’s report, run a second report that shows their facets within each preference.  Called the MBTI® Step II™ Profile – Form Q (I will refer to it as Step II here), this report clearly illustrates a student’s individuality within their type by breaking down the four preference pairs into 5 additional components of each pair, for a total of 20. For instance, I am an ENFP, but I’m unique for my type because I am also early starting and methodical in my approach to being a P, which has always given me a slight score for this pair.  When I saw this after taking the Step II, it made me realize that I am indeed a P, but I express P in a unique way that behaviorally can look like a J.  Step II is also excellent for students who don’t want to be “boxed in” to a single type, or for older students that have already taken Form M and feel the MBTI is therefore an “old hat”.  The Step II takes the MBTI assessment to a whole new level and provides a very in-depth look at a student’s personality, helping them to buy into their results, and very often verify a preference pair that has a slight result. To take peak at this report, follow this link

Next week, tune in for my second most favorite way to help a student verify type.

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