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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Have students verify their own results

Written by Catherine Rains
Another method for helping students verify their type is to have them take the MBTI®Complete, which provides an accurate, self-guided, online interpretation of the MBTI® assessment.  How does this work?   First, a student will respond to the 93 MBTI items. Before getting their results, they will go through a thorough online validation process beginning with guessing their type.  They will then receive their reported type and be prompted to select their best fit type. This will result in a 3-page MBTI profile report of their validated 4 letter type. The MBTI®Complete helps a student look past the roles they play at home or school, allowing them to think about their REAL personality and select their best fit type. Besides being a very accurate way to obtain true type, it also reduces the time counselors need to spend on basic MBTI interpretation and validation, allowing more time for applying MBTI results to career development and student success strategies.
Next week, tune in for a counseling technique for helping a student verify their type.

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