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Friday, October 7, 2011

Which is better, a goal or an intention?

Written by Catherine Rains
Ok, I admit it, this is yet another J/P trick question and the answer all depends on your J/P perspective.  Those with a preference for Judging set goals, timelines, deadlines and check lists.  They shoot for the goal and are usually focused until they accomplish the goal and check it off their list.  Those with a preference for Perceiving, on the other hand, also set goals, use checklists, and meet deadlines.  But accomplishing the goal is usually only important as long as the goal still interests them.  When new information, ideas, inspirations cross their path, they are willing to change or adjust the goal to something even more appealing.  That doesn’t mean that Perceiving preferences don’t reach their goals.  They simply believe that the process of accomplishing the goal is more important than achieving the actual goal, which means the goal could change, or even get ditched along the way.  An alternative word for goal that is very effective when working with Perceiving preferences is intentions.  Setting an intention, rather than a goal, gives Perceiving preferences the room to bend, adjust, and change as the Perceiving preference bends, adjusts and changes to the process of meeting their intention.

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