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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Counseling to Type Strategies – Sensing (Part 2)

In our last post, I shared some suggestions for working with students who have a Sensing preference. Here are a few more to help you during your counseling sessions:

Discuss realistic and practical options.  When generating options for what you can do with a major in ___, focus on practical careers that have a linear, and possibly structured path to success, such as nursing or engineering.  This preference will also respond well to options that are linked to either the counselor’s personal experience, or experience of someone they know well and/or respect. 

 Limit brainstorming to a minimum. Rather than brainstorming all the careers you can do with a major in Journalism, this preference will respond better to a concrete list of careers that Journalism majors most often choose according to academic department data, Department of Labor Stats, the MBTI®Career Report, or some other trusted source of data. 

Is this correct? Using this phrase is one way to build greater buy-in with Sensing preferences.  “Is this correct” and “do you agree” will help a Sensing preference refine the discussion so it is more accurate and reflective of how they would describe the situation. 

Where’s the data? At the conclusion of the session, show a Sensing preference were  to find additional  data that will support your discussion, including web sites, books and people that can provide concrete fact back up. 

Can you provide a concrete example or description of an appointment they had with a Sensing preference student?  What did the session look like?  What are YOUR best suggestions for working with a student with a Sensing preference?

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