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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Counseling to Type Strategies – Thinking Preference (Part 1)

Written by Catherine Rains 

So your student has a preference for Thinking – now what?  In part one, I start you off with a strategy of how to demonstrate competence to the student in order to motivate them to buy into the career counseling process.

Demonstrate competence. That is YOUR competence, not theirs!  Before someone with a Thinking preference can settle into the counseling process with you, they need to make sure you have the expertise necessary to work with their presenting concerns.  What are some quick ways to do this?

o   Have your degrees framed on the wall for them to see
o   Add your degree (M.S., PhD, etc.) and credentials (MBTI® Certified, Licensed Counselor, etc.) to your business card, and hand them this card at the beginning of your first session together.
o   Develop a 3 minute elevator pitch to use when introducing yourself to your client, with an emphasis on your success rate for working with students them.

Do you have any other ideas for how you demonstrate competence to Thinking preference students? What are YOUR best suggestions for working with a student who prefers Thinking?

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