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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Counseling to Type Strategies – Feeling (Part 2)

Written by Catherine Rains 

Let’s continue the discussion on how to motivate a student who prefers Feeling to buy in to the career counseling process. Here are a couple more suggestions: 
  • Affirmation goes a long way.  Reinforcing students who prefer Feeling with positive, validating comments is key to not only developing rapport with them, but also in motivating them to move forward with their career decisions.  If you disagree with a decision they are making, find a way to present your contrary opinion in a way where they still feel affirmed and validated. 
  • Rational process.  Contrary to popular belief, both Feeling and Thinking preferences use a rational process for making decisions.  However, with a Feeling preference, the emphasis is on feelings and values, rather than logic.  Again, to make a balanced, complete decision, our students need to consider both Feeling and Thinking, and we need to make sure that they are considering both sets of criteria, not just Feeling (or Thinking). 
Can anyone provide a concrete example or description of an appointment they had with student who prefers Feeling?  What did the session look like?  What are YOUR best suggestions for working with a student who prefers Feeling?

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