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Friday, September 9, 2011

How do you support students with a Perceiving preference choose a major?

Written by Catherine Rains

One of the best strategies for supporting students with a Perceiving preference is to first allow them to delve into the many options that fascinate them. Suggest they take classes and internships/co-ops in the many topics that interest them. If they also have a preference for Intuition, that list will be even longer and more diversified, making the process of narrowing and selecting even more challenging. However, one way to get them to finally commit (at the deadline), and to stick to their choice, is to show them how their chosen major will allow them to pursue many different kinds of careers after graduation. Majors such as Communications, English, Psychology, and even Business, are common choices for Perceiving preferences because of the many potential career paths each offers.

Why do Perceiving students really wait until the deadline to declare their major? Stay tuned for a discussion on this topic next week.

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