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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why do Perceiving students wait to declare a major?

Written by Catherine Rains
Contrary to how it appears, students with a perceiving preference are not procrastinating when they delay their choice of a major until the deadline for declaring (i.e. end of the sophomore year).  Although their behavior looks like procrastination, their motivation is quite different.  Perceiving preference students wait because if they declare before the deadline, such as for instance at the end of their freshmen year, they will miss out on experiencing another year of classes in a wide variety of subjects.  They are afraid that without this extra time of experimentation, they could miss out on being exposed to the perfect major.   To put it simply, they want to keep their options open as long as possible in order to make the best decision possible.  Unfortunately, these students often get labeled as unfocused or not goal oriented, and sometimes they take on this persona, when the opposite is usually true.  Just like students with a Judging preference, they too want to find the perfect major, and career. They just have a different path and timeframe for achieving the same goal.

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