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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who procrastinates more – J or P preferences?

Written by Catherine Rains

Of course this is another trick question. Perceiving preference students often are labeled as “procrastinators” because of the way they wait until the deadline to complete a project or make a decision. But as we’ve discussed in previous blog entries, they aren’t actually procrastinating with these behaviors. They are simply energized by the deadline, and/or want to keep their options open to make the best decision. Yet, even though we know this about Perceiving preferences, they still get labeled as the procrastinators, even by themselves, because in America we culture our citizens to have Judging preference behaviors.

So the real question is not about who procrastinates more, but what do you procrastinate on? To put it simply, everyone procrastinates, and what you procrastinate on will be with those behaviors associated with your non- preferred preferences. For instance, my preferences are for ENFP, so I tend to delay doing things that will require Sensing or Thinking skills, which are preferences I’m just not as comfortable doing. These take much more energy, so I procrastinate. When I wait until the deadline to complete a project, I am not procrastinating; I’m simply using my energy in the most efficient manner!

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