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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Type Stereotype #2 – Thinking preferences don’t care about people

Written by Catherine Rains
Obviously this is a stereotype that Feeling preferences sometimes have about Thinking preferences when they perceive that people’s feelings aren’t being considered during the decision making process.  This inaccurate stereo type is based on the observation of what Thinking preferences do FIRST to make a decision, which is to consider the people factor as just one of many components to be considered, looking at the decision to be made in an objective manner.  To make the best decision possible, however, Thinking preferences also need to consider the people and values involved, but it’s the second thing they consider, rather than what comes first and naturally.  Type stereotypes often come about because we are observing what people do first, and if this is what they only do in making a decision, the stereotype could end up being true!  But again, to make a truly good decision both Thinking and Feeling preferences need to consciously flex to the opposite of their natural preference to make sure that  all the factors are considered in the decision making process.

1 comment:

  1. It's easy to think (surmise, suppose, conjecture, conclude - anything but think!)that Thinkers don't feel but some of the most compassionate people I know are Thinkers because they think (cover, consider, regard) all of the possibilities.