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Friday, January 20, 2012

Type Stereotype #1 - P’s are usually late

Written by Catherine Rains
I know few Perceiving preferences that arrive late, and in fact, usually show up early to make up for their natural tendency to complete things at the last minute.   As you know by now, I have a preference for Perceiving, and although I rarely show up late, I also rarely show up more than 10 minutes early. In fact, I hate to get anywhere more than 10 minutes before I’m supposed to be there, and will schedule errands to make sure that I don’t show up “too early”, defined as more than 15 minutes ahead of time.  This means that I could be late if I didn’t leave early enough to avoid the unforeseen traffic jam. 
Now, my J preference friends define being on-time quite differently.  I have a J colleague who says that being “on-time” means arriving at least 15 minutes early, which will guarantee that she is NEVER late in the event her GPS leads her astray.  By leaving much earlier than she needs to, she will often arrive 30 minutes before an appointment and relax in her car before going in. Bottom line is that both J and P preferences show up “on-time”, but the difference is how we define this concept.


  1. As an INFP, I am rarely late either. I attribute that more to my Fi function: I don't want to put others out by being late.

    If it's a case of a party that starts at 7:00, I will be lucky to get there before 8:00, because I know no one is counting on me, per say.

  2. As a ESTJ, I am typically late. I seem to always be squeezing something else in--gotta always be checking something else off my list. I don't like being late and am extremely embarrassed, but my drive to get more done seems to drive me more. I continue to work on it and each time, I fail again. Ugh!