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Friday, January 13, 2012

What is your favorite type stereotype?

Written by Catherine Rains

Let’s have a little fun here. How many type stereotypes can we collectively list? I’ll start the list and challenge you to respond with as many you can think of in the next 7 days. I’ll choose the “best” ones and write about them in the following weeks. I’m starting the list with….

1. Perceiving preferences are always late.

2. Thinking preferences don’t care about people.

3. Add yours in the COMMENTS BOX!

So come on, share the most untrue, unique, hilarious stereotype you can think of. There might even be a prize for the “best” entry, as judged by me!


  1. My favourite stereotype:

    People with Feeling preferences don't use logical thinking.

  2. Thinking people don't feel, so it's okay to criticize them as much as you would like, since it can't hurt them.

  3. Peopling with feeling preferences are incapable of logic.

  4. I will be happy to give a person with the preference for Intorversion time to think and reflect and let them know I am more than happy to hear what they have to say. They should just feel free to chime in when ready. Really? What about giving this person actual time to think and then ask if he/she has anything to add. I think it is much nicer to invite them to speak rather than just assuming that he/she will.