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Friday, May 25, 2012

Behavioral Cues for Perceiving

Written by Catherine Rains

Alas, we live in a world the culturally prefers Judging. So what happens to the 50% of us who prefer Perceiving? We learn Judging skills to be successful in a world that values Judging type behaviors. This certainly was my case. As I have mentioned in previous blog entries, my father (who prefers INFJ) trained me almost from birth to exhibit Judging behaviors, and I’m very grateful that he did. As a result, most people pick me up as someone who prefers Judging, which has helped me live successfully in a Judging world while also honoring my clear preference for Perceiving. And I am far from unusual - I have met MANY people who prefer Perceiving, while exhibiting Judging behaviors professionally, making it a challenge to figure out their true preference. This also means that it could be difficult to guess their dominant function. However, if you look real close, and are patient, you can still find the true preference lurking in the background – it just might not be obvious at first glance.

Here are some cues that I look for. They….
  • Usually won’t choose their major until the absolute deadline for doing so – end of sophomore year or when an authority figure says they must 
  • Could add a minor, a double major, or choose one major with LOTS of career options (i.e. Communication, History, Psychology) 
  • Might dress in a more casual, comfortable or artistic style, even in professional garb 
  • Sometimes ask things like “when do you really need that by” or “is that the real due date” as they will be energized to get things completed close to the ultimate deadline 
  • Often think no decision is final and are willing to change their mind when new information surfaces, like when they discover a new major that is more interesting than the one they already choose and have earned 60 credits toward 
  • Sometimes look at the 4-year plan from the Career Center as a list of suggested activities and will jump into the list wherever it looks interesting 
  • Might drop in to meet with you without an appointment 
  • Often want to keep ALL options open until the last minute, including what they are going to do this afternoon
What am I missing? What other cues do you use to pick up whether someone has a preference for Perceiving?

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