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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Behavioral Cues for Judging

Written by Catherine Rains

Finally, we get to my favorite set of cues. The outer letters, the attitudes, show how we express our middle letters, and can thus be sometimes more obvious in terms of behavior cues. Remember too that the J and P were added by Myers and Briggs to indicate what a person shows to the world, or what they extrovert. So again, this attitude is often something that we can see, more so than the middle letters. This is ALWAYS assuming that someone is actually showing us their true preference for J or P. I am a case in point with this one as my behavior and appearance look J, but I have a preference for P. But I’ll share this next week when we get to behavior cues for Perceiving. Meanwhile, let’s look at common cues for the Judging preference.

Here are some things that I look for. They….
  • Usually chose a major before they get to college, or by the first semester of their Freshmen year (this is a question I sometimes weave into a conversation!)
  • Might show up 15 minutes prior to an appointment or engagement 
  • Often will get assignments done days before the deadline 
  • Could have a neat, crisp appearance with clothes pressed, hair well groomed, more conservative and angular in style 
  • Often have a very organized back pack, purse and/or daytimer 
  • Might plan out their weekends and vacations with a schedule, and don’t want to move forward without a plan 
  • Could appear closed to new information once a decision has been made  
  • Might decide quickly to get a decision checked off their list 
  • Sometimes love the 4-year plan the career center provides, and follows the plan year by year
What else gives you the impression that someone has a preference for Judging? Please share what you have observed.

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