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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tackle Interview and Graduation Stress – Summer 2012 Career Insider Newsletter

The latest issue of the Career Insider is out! We wanted to make sure to give you enough resources to guide you through this stressful time of year when graduation and interview preparations are taking place. Here is a preview of some of the articles included in this issue:
  • Bringing yourself to the Interview, by Patrick Kerwin – A friend of mine was getting ready to interview for a job recently, and she was talking to me about a piece of advice people were giving her that she wasn’t finding very helpful. Read more.
  • Graduation Trials and Tribulations, by Donna Dunning – Once you graduate, the pressure is on to determine who you are and how you are planning to live your life. “What will you do now?” will be a reoccurring question and concern. Read more.
  • Help Students Manage Stress to Build Resiliency with the MBTI® and TKI Assessmentsby Laura Simonds - Dealing with graduation and a job search at the same time can cause a tremendous amount of stress and lower a student’s resiliency. The excitement and anticipation of graduation, coupled with the fear and uncertainty of a job search, can result in conflict and atypical behavior. Read more.
Read the Summer 2012 Career Insider issue for more articles and helpful resources.

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