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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Counseling to Type Strategies – Introversion (Part 1)

Written by Catherine Rains

Continuing with last month's series on tailoring our career counseling strategies according the preferences of our client, here are some suggestions for working with students who prefer Introversion (read our series on counseling strategies for students who prefer Extraversion):  

Speak in a calm, slow, quiet tone.  Seems obvious, but not so easy if your preference is for Extraversion, where it is natural to speak fast and in a higher volume.  Matching the tone of our client from the very beginning will make our Introverted preference students relax into the appointment earlier in the process. 

Do not interrupt or interject as your student is talking.  For someone who prefers Introversion, interruptions, even though well intended, are often interpreted as rude behavior.  Counselors who prefer Extroversion view interrupting as a sign of showing interest and engagement with the client, but is often perceived as the exact opposite.  Waiting until the student completes their sentence will go a long way in setting a supportive tone for a session.

In the next few weeks, I will share more strategies. Stay tuned! 

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    1. Thank you for reading our blog! We will continue to happily provide this information to you, our loyal readers. :)