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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Announcing a Third Addition to Our MBTI® College Edition Suite

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We previously introduced the MBTI® Profile and MBTI® Self-Scorable College Editions. Now we present you with the MBTI® Interpretive Report, College Edition. We've updated this report in order to provide you with an easier MBTI interpretation session and to guide your students in understanding their results. This 5-page report includes all the data from the MBTI® Profile (including preference clarity index information), plus

• A user-friendly overview of type preferences
• A brief discussion of personality type and type development
• An extensive description of your student's four-letter type

The report delves into the pattern of preferences unique to your student's type, explains clarity of preference and what it means, and offers tips for verifying type.

View a sample report or go to to learn more.

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  1. We work with MBTI on an almost daily basis. Used properly, it is an incredibly powerful tool.