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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

From Teaching to Nursing – The Case of Terri T.

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A few years ago, Judith Grutter, CPP author and Principal of GS Consultants, wrote a series of four case studies for the CPP Career Insider newsletter. The case studies focused on strategies for assessment interpretation using the Strong and MBTI® Combined Career Report. Recently, a customer of ours contacted us about these case studies as he found them useful to share with his students. So we thought that it would be beneficial to share these again in hopes that you will find them useful as well!

The first case study focuses on Terri T., a second-year college student who is revisiting her initial decision to major in child development and pursue a career in elementary education for a nursing career instead. Here is the full case study on Terri T.

Judith Grutter, M.S., NCC, MCC, is a trainer and career development program consultant with over 30 years' experience. Ms. Grutter is Principal of GS Consultants and conducts a yearly workshop on "Type and Relationships". This year’s workshop will be held on April 11-12, 2011 at Lake Tahoe, CA. To learn more, read about it in our previous blog. Visit for more information on other workshops as well as MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory® certification programs.

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