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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When the pieces don’t seem to fit...The Case of "Rosie R"

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What do you do when you encounter inconsistent Strong assessment results during an interpretation? This case study (part 3 of 4 in our series of case studies focused on strategies for assessment interpretation using the Strong and MBTI® Combined Career Report written by Judith Grutter) focuses on Rosie R., an adult re-entry university student who is considering a career change.

For the past six years, Rosie has been working in Human Resources for a large company that manufactures agricultural equipment. She is currently realizing that her interests have shifted in the following three areas:

• Continuing in human resources with an emphasis on training and development
• Pursuing a teaching credential or perhaps moving toward educational administration
• Attending law school with a focus on family law policy development

She decides to sign up for a career exploration class where she is prompted to take the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment. The instructor then finds some interesting results. Click here to read the complete case study.

Judith Grutter, M.S., NCC, MCC, is a trainer and career development program consultant with over 30 years' experience. Ms. Grutter is Principal of GS Consultants and conducts a yearly workshop on "Type and Relationships". This year’s workshop will be held on April 11-12, 2011 at Lake Tahoe, CA. To learn more, read about it in our previous blog. Visit for more information on other workshops as well as MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory® certification programs.

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